On this episode of the Healthcare Americana podcast, Christopher Habig, CEO and co-founder of Freedom Health Works, and Rafi Salazar, the principal at Rehab U Practice Solutions discuss the importance of creating an exceptional patient experience in healthcare. The conversation explores the issues patients face when seeking healthcare, including the lack of transparency in the industry and the knowledge discrepancy between patients and healthcare providers. Patients often walk into clinics feeling guarded, lacking trust, and they may not know enough about their condition to ask the right questions to ensure they receive appropriate treatment.

The current healthcare system is built from a top-down approach, where organizations spend most of their energy on administrative tasks rather than prioritizing patients’ unique needs. A bottom-up approach, where patients’ needs are prioritized, can build trust and result in better patient outcomes. Prioritizing the development of patient education materials and flipping the administrative process to start with the patient’s narrative experience can lead to higher quality care and better patient outcomes.

Show Notes:

0:02:23 – Interview with Rafi Mohammed on the Importance of Patient Experience in Healthcare.

0:03:56 – Navigating the Lack of Transparency in Healthcare: A Conversation on the Patient Experience

0:08:37 – The Importance of Personalized Care in Healthcare: Addressing Patient Concerns and Needs.

0:18:05 – Tips for Managing Staff as a Clinician Turned Practice Owner

0:25:50 – Exploring the Nuances of Humanizing Healthcare


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