Christopher Habig, CEO and co-founder of Freedom Health Works, interviews Lou Morin, CEO of SAVVOS Health, on the podcast Healthcare Americana. They discuss the concept of a healthcare marketplace, a place where people can buy services directly from medical providers. Lou explains how this can be a feasible option in healthcare, even when there are many unknowns about health care and the body. He explains that the marketplace can provide access to resources that can help guide people to the right specialists and services. He emphasizes the importance of doctors in providing education and support to guide people on their healthcare journey.

SAVVOS is an immediate cash pay platform that provides thousands of healthcare providers across the country with the ability to get paid immediately after care is delivered. This eliminates the revenue cycle management headache that many business owners face. By providing immediate cash payment, SAVOS brings affordability to elective outpatient care, and works with health plans, the health sharing community, and creative insurance companies to provide more cost containment strategies. Ultimately, SAVVOS helps to reduce the cost of medical procedures and create a better healthcare experience for everyone.

Show Notes:

0:04:13 – Conversation on SAVVOS: A Marketplace for Elective Outpatient Care

0:06:55- A Revolutionary Cash Pay Platform for Immediate Settlement of Medical Care

0:08:3 – Exploring the Benefits of Cash Pay Settlement with Third Party Payers in Healthcare

0:13:19 – Exploring the Benefits of Freedom Doc and SAVVOS Health’s Marketplace Model

0:16:46 – Creating Better Engagement and Real Options for Healthcare Costs

0:26:33 – The Impact of Rising Health Care Costs on Consumers

0:28:18 – SAVVOS Health CEO Lou Morin Discusses the Benefits of Free Market Healthcare


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