Clif Knight, Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine joins Chris Habig to discuss Marian University’s unique offerings and location, which sets it apart from other medical schools. He explained that Marian University is focused on giving students broad exposure to different situations, people, lifestyles, and ways of doing things.

The focus of the school is on primary care and osteopathic medicine, emphasizing a holistic approach to health care and their mission process is to promote family medicine and primary care in the state.

Clif emphasized the importance of primary care and the health promotion aspects that come with it. Habig noted the stigma associated with primary care, citing how some medical school professors have laughed at the idea of students pursuing it. Clif stressed that primary care requires a broad knowledge base and that the best and brightest should be attracted to it.

Dr. Knight and Chris discuss the financial incentives for medical professionals to pursue DPC. Dr. Knight explains that direct primary care should be the foundation of healthcare, providing prevention and balance.

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