On this episode of Healthcare Americana, Christopher Habig, CEO of Freedom Healthworks, is joined by Dr. Brian Fengler, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of EvidenceCare. They tackle the pressing issue of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) overwhelming healthcare providers. Did you know that doctors spend twice as much time with computers as they do with patients? Dr. Fengler shares how EvidenceCare eases this burden by integrating directly into the physician’s EHR workflow, providing much quicker access to vital patient data.

Discover the story behind EvidenceCare’s origin, sparked by a challenging patient interaction that emphasized the need for streamlined access to medical information. Dr. Fengler also highlights what makes EvidenceCare stand apart from their competitors.

Get insights into the struggle physicians face in staying updated with the latest research and guidelines, and learn how EvidenceCare bridges this gap. Dr. Fengler elaborates on the power of AI in healthcare, stressing its benefits and potential pitfalls. He also speaks to EvidenceCare’s role in acute care settings and hints at its future impact on Direct Primary Care.

The episode wraps up with a compelling question: “Will interoperability ever be realistic?” Don’t miss this enlightening conversation about reshaping healthcare through intuitive technology.

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