States Can Lead The Way on Healthcare

This week on Healthcare Americana, Freedom Healthworks’s CEO and co-founder, Christopher Habig, and Indiana State Senator Victoria Spartz discuss how states can take charge in the healthcare debate.

Federal initiatives are at an impasse and big government solution aren’t working. With the inability of the US government to enact any positive change on healthcare in the country, it is up to the individual states to lead the way. Spartz discusses the need for free market principles in the health industry and the initiatives she is working on to help Indiana’s citizens. Initiatives that can be replicated by every state in the union.

Listen to the full episode to hear about the initatives. After you listen to the episode, tell us your thoughts!

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Comments (1)
  1. Senator Spartz’s cheeseburger delayed price example was an on point comparison.

    The public awareness of the benefits of free market competition in healthcare could gain traction in the states that allow for it to take place free of ‘status quo lobby influenced’ policies or heavy tax burdens.

    Critics tend to associate the free market with higher prices and no accountability but I prefer direct communication and price transparency over bureaucratic walls and surprise bills that historically have shown to be higher with 3rd party involvement.

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