Elaine Parker, President of Job Creators Network Foundation and Chief Communications Officer for Job Creators Network, explains how Job Creators Network is advocating for small business owners including direct primary care practices.

The Job Creators Network is a national conservative small business organization that was founded by the Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus. Even though Home Depot is considered a large business today, there was a time when Bernie created the first store and was considered a small business owner. His personal experience has allowed him to relate to and understand how small business owners think and work, as well as the challenges they are faced with. Bernie Marcus created The Job Creators Network to help small business owners succeed.

In addition to how The Job Creators Network is advocating for small business owners, the company recognized healthcare has become a barrier to them and decided to conduct a national survey. The Job Creators Network surveyed 25,000 consumers to learn what they want in healthcare. They partnered with physician organizations and learned what matters the most and least to Americans.

What American Consumers Want in Healthcare