Jason Rutz, a direct primary care (DPC) advocate, shares how he went from selling health insurance to becoming a DPC believer.

Jason Rutz spent many years selling health insurance in the form of custom Health Savings Account plans before the Affordable Care Act forced massive changes in his company and left him out of work. Years later, he discovered DPC and became a true believer in the movement.
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  1. While Jason’s experience is positive and the history of the insurance world is totally relevant, I wondered if Jason had a solution for the affordability of insurance? People still need health insurance for the rare but catastrophic medical problem. DPC is a great answer for 80% of the issues but it still fails to answer the 20% or really, the 5% of issues that do happen occasionally, and what insurance should be for.

    • There aren’t a lot of affordable options right now. The best case, long-term fix scenario would be disconnecting health insurance from employment. In the meantime, healthshares and short-term insurance are the most affordable by far.

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