On this episode of Healthcare Americana, join Christopher Habig, CEO of Freedom Healthworks, and his guest Eziah Syed, Co-founder and CEO at Mend, as they discuss the transformative power of supplements and clinical nutrition, and explore the science behind these essential components of health. They also shed light on the impact of nutrition in hospitals and the urgent need to address chronic conditions, malnutrition, and undernourishment plaguing society. Eziah shares valuable insights on making informed decisions when purchasing supplements, while emphasizing the profound role of behavior change in driving sustainable transformations. The significance of preventative medicine, bringing nutrition into the spotlight, and investing in our quality of life are also highlighted. Discover Eziah’s personal journey and the inspiration behind the creation of Mend. Don’t miss this enlightening episode as they unravel the future of healthcare through the lens of supplements, clinical nutrition, and meaningful behavior change.

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