Step into the future of healthcare on Healthcare Americana, with host Christopher Habig, CEO at Freedom Healthworks, and his guest Dr. Evelyn Chan, CEO & Co-founder at Smileyscope, as they explore the groundbreaking realm of digital therapeutics. Discover how Smileyscope, a trailblazing digital therapeutics company, is revolutionizing patient experiences through virtual reality in healthcare settings.

Dr. Chan reveals how Smileyscope’s innovative technology is reshaping the doctor-patient dynamic by turning fear into fun. Designed with a keen focus on clinical ease, this virtual reality solution was developed to make doctor visits quicker, smoother, and more comfortable. Uncover how such advancements could pave the way for a positive shift in healthcare attitudes, reducing anxiety and pain at the bedside.

With firsthand insights, Dr. Chan explains how Smileyscope’s approach can shape lifelong perceptions of healthcare. By fostering early positive experiences, it not only keeps patients calm during medical procedures but also encourages active engagement in their own well-being. Discover how this cutting-edge tool is aiding parents in eliminating the dreaded shots-time struggles with their children, all while improving outcomes for clinicians.

Dr. Chan delves into the potential applications of Smileyscope in various medical scenarios, offering a drug-free option for minor procedures and even some cases that previously required sedation. She discusses the importance of simplicity in innovation, emphasizing that technology in healthcare must be user-friendly for both medical professionals and patients alike.

Uncover the hurdles Smileyscope has triumphed over, while gaining insights into Dr. Chan’s journey from pediatrician to entrepreneur.

Tune in to explore how Smileyscope’s vision aligns with the future of healthcare where technology not only enhances clinical outcomes but also transforms the patient experience, offering hope for a brighter, less anxious tomorrow in healthcare.

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