What happens when profit is more important than patient care? In today’s current climate, it’s easier for beauracrats to make money off of healthcare than it is for a patient to recieve care.

In this episode of Healthcare Americana, Christopher Habig, CEO of Freedom Healthworks, is joined by MacKay Jimeson, Acting Executive Director at Patients Rising Now.

The two chat about:

  • What the Accelerated Approval Program (AAP) is and how it removes barries to help patients gain quicker access to needed new medications
  • How healthcare often overlooks patients and making healthcare more patient-focused
  • CMS’s concerns, especially regarding Alzheimer’s, and the challenges of doctor registries

MacKay talks passionately about what took him from a career in politics and big pharma to a career focused on patient advocacy. He highlights Patients Rising Now’s work in educating and advocating for patients.

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